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The Basics of Office Relocation: Part Four – Time, Money, and Professional Advice

By Michael Staskiewicz | EVALUATE

When was the last time you moved?

Whether you’ve had a recent change of address or it’s been years since you’ve changed location, chances are you remember just how difficult and time-consuming the move was.

Now imagine moving an entire commercial office. It’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?

The truth is, moving is never inexpensive or easy. Fortunately, there are actions you can take and resources you can use to make it easier.

When it comes to finances, we all know how much CFOs hate surprises to the budget.

But that’s just one of the reasons it’s important that adequate moving expenses are modeled into your preliminary financial budget. If not, moving can become more than just an expensive proposition. It can become a financial setback.

Fortunately, planning can mitigate some of these costs, as can landlord concession packages that involve free rent and move-in breaks. Be sure to check your contract before you sign it, as these depend on the market and opportunities you’re considering.

Additionally, there are professionals to consult with that may be able to reduce these expenses based upon their strategic partnerships and buying relationships.

Our network consists of professionals who may be able to help you out, including a commercial real estate attorney, architect/space planner, general contractor, an insurance agent, accountant, along with furniture specialists and IT/Voice/Data Experts.


About the Author

Michael Staskiewicz, CCIM, Managing Principal of Effective Realty Advisors and a team of strategic partners, help financial decision makers of mid-size companies perfectly align their real estate with their business needs, so that they increase profits and improve operational and financial performance.