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Common Offices Space Myths

By Michael Staskiewicz | EVALUATE

When it comes to office space, you’ll get a lot of blanket advice regarding everything, from locations and leasing to space planning and amenities.

Like most wide-reaching statements, though, these office planning tips leave little room for nuance and don’t apply in every situation. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common myths regarding office space.

Myth: Open Floorplans Are Always Better

There’s no denying that many businesses have moved away from the private office layout you see on shows like “Mad Men.” While open planning will likely continue to grow in popularity, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good reasons to keep a private office or two. These offices, though, don’t have to be used in the traditional way. For a lot of organizations, private offices are allocated to the employees that require space and solitude to accomplish their tasks, not simply those highest up the food chain. You can also create private offices to be used by different employees as needed, rather than assigning them to a particular staff member.

Myth: The Suburbs Are Dead

The popularity of urban versus suburban workplaces seems to be in constant flux. Over the past few years, conventional wisdom has dictated that to attract the best talent, you should situate your office downtown. The numbers don’t lie when it comes to the amount of young people flocking to cities, but that doesn’t mean you need to locate your office there. If you can find a compelling reason to be in the suburbs, don’t discount it as an option. If you save enough money, you can even offer a transportation service to bring your employees from their city apartments to their suburban office.

Myth: Remote Work Is King

The idea that office spaces themselves are on their way out is, without question, the biggest myth of all. Our technological age may make it easier than ever to work from anywhere, but tech can’t replace everything an office offers. Offices are great for face-to-face interaction, stimulating company culture, and keeping everyone accountable — and that’s never going to change.


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