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Design for Success: Planning an Efficient Office Space

By Michael Staskiewicz | EVALUATE

Finding the right location and securing a favorable lease may be the biggest steps in planning your office space, but the work doesn’t end once you complete your location strategy.

After that, you need to begin the process of planning the space for your company. Designing a layout is no small task, and it’s difficult to make alterations once you’re up and running. Here are some things to consider as you craft a space that’s perfect for your company.

Meet Your Needs

A workspace that doesn’t make sense for your company isn’t just uncomfortable. It will affect productivity and, in turn, your bottom line.

 If you have employees that need quiet to complete their work, cubicles may be a smarter choice than an open floor plan. Collaborative work should be done in rooms designed to accommodate multiple employees. Do clients visit your office often? If so, you need to consider what it will look like to them when they step inside. When you design a layout for your office, you should always think about how it suits the work that will be done there.

Room for Growth and Flexibility

If you’re cramming in every inch of square footage to make room for your current staff, how are you going to carve out space when you hire new people? Instead, create flexible areas that can be easily transformed for new employees. These spaces are also convenient if you have remote workers who are only in the office occasionally. Your company changes all the time, and allowing a portion of your office to change alongside it makes for easy transitions.

Non-Work Areas

Not every part of your office will be used for work. Lounges, lunchrooms, and quiet rooms are becoming more popular every year. These spaces won’t just make employees happier; they can also foster a unified culture. Some companies even have rooms where you’ll find employees playing ping pong or video games. These might seem like small considerations, but they can go a long way in making your workplace more desirable.


About the Author

Michael Staskiewicz, CCIM, Managing Principal of Effective Realty Advisors and a team of strategic partners, help financial decision makers of mid-size companies perfectly align their real estate with their business needs, so that they increase profits and improve operational and financial performance.