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Edgemont Realty Advisors is now Effective Realty Advisors: Entering The Holidays With a New Brand

By Michael Staskiewicz | EVALUATE

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A new year always brings change, and for us the biggest change will be to our name. Edgemont Realty Advisors is now called Effective Realty Advisors.

I’ve spent a lot of time dwelling on this decision, and I think the new name will serve us and our clients better. I wanted to take some time here to explain the reasoning behind the change and why we’re so excited about it.

Just like any business owner, I had to come up with a name when I started my business. Given that my last name isn’t the easiest in the world to pronounce, I was never going to go with Staskiewicz Realty. Imagine how many hours I would’ve spent spelling it out for people!

At the time, my family lived in Montclair, New Jersey, and had just welcomed our first son into the world. One of my favorite activities was to put him in his stroller and take him on walks at Edgemont Memorial Park. One day it dawned on me to name the company Edgemont Realty Advisors. It was a sentimental choice, and it served us well for a long time.

Over the years, however, our brand has changed, just like my life has. As a company, we pride ourselves on looking forward and figuring out ways to disrupt the staid, traditional commercial real estate industry. Now, I know you’ve probably read the word “disruption” in a million articles, talking about a thousand different businesses, but it’s really important to us. For decades, if not longer, commercial real estate has functioned in largely the same way. That’s never been good enough for us. We want to make it better for our clients, and that entails disrupting the standard way of doing things.

One way that we’ve separated ourselves from other commercial real estate companies is through our Effective Workplace blog. Our focus has never simply been securing our clients a favorable lease based on the old-school, dollars-per- square-foot method. Don’t get me wrong, that number is important, but it’s far from the only measure of a successful office.

We want our clients to have spaces that are dynamic, efficient, and able to attract the best possible talent.

Our blog has always provided tips on how to make your workplace desirable, but it’s also been a huge part of what we do at Edgemont.

That synergy is the chief reason why we’ve wanted to merge the brands. I think that Effective Realty Advisors paints a much better picture of the suite of services we offer our clients, and it immediately brings to mind what makes us different. I’m always challenging myself to be more efficient and effective, and many business owners I talk to are the same way. We always need to be looking to the future and, to use another buzzword, future-proofing our businesses. Otherwise, we risk ending up like Toys R Us or RadioShack.

I’m so excited about the rebrand of Effective Realty Advisors. We’re streamlining our initiatives to give business owners all the tools they need to create an extraordinary workplace, from great leases and workspaces to office layout tips and creative ideas.

With 2018 fast approaching, I’m very excited to develop these initiatives in the new year.


About the Author

Michael Staskiewicz, CCIM, Managing Principal of Effective Realty Advisors and a team of strategic partners, help financial decision makers of mid-size companies perfectly align their real estate with their business needs, so that they increase profits and improve operational and financial performance.