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A Rewarding Relocation: Our Work With Talon

By Michael Staskiewicz | EVALUATE

For a lot of companies, placing 11th on Fortune magazine’s list of 50 Best Small Workplaces would be an opportunity to pat themselves on the back for a job well-done.

But for an exceptional organization, it’s a mandate to keep searching for new ways to improve company culture. That’s exactly how professional services firm Talon approached this remarkable accolade.

With an expanding, successful business on their hands, the leaders at Talon knew they had the opportunity to improve their workspace. They were quickly outgrowing their previous headquarters in Princeton, but they wanted to remain in the area. It is, after all, the region that they’ve always called home.

Working alongside our team at Effective Realty Advisors, we created a set of goals for the move.

From Concept to Completion

The basic desire was simple: Talon needed more space to accommodate their growing team.

After discussing their growth projections, we determined that an ideal number for the expansion would be around 35 percent.

They also wanted to invest in improving the workspace and environment, providing value to their employees in the process. To make these wishes a reality, we needed to reduce their occupancy costs on a per square foot basis. With our ideal workspace design in mind, we went about looking for a match.

The Princeton area has many attractive office spaces, so we didn’t settle for the first option that came along. Instead, we had ongoing conversations internally about the pros and cons of a select few locations as well as lengthy negotiations with Landlords and Owners.

Eventually, we looked at an office in East Windsor that fit the bill and was only six miles from their previous location. With easy access to the NJ Turnpike and many other major roads, Talon eased the commute for the vast majority of their employees.

Once the space was settled on, Talon continued to pursue ways to improve it for their staff. Because they had saved on occupancy costs, they were able to undertake a complete redesign of their workspace to meet their needs.

Among the amenities of the complex, the new ownership has invested in a brand-new fitness center and a remodeled cafeteria, perks their team was thrilled about. As an added bonus, the site of the new headquarters was once home to first successful low-Earth orbital weather satellite designed and built by RCA, making it something of a New Jersey business landmark.

C4 Culture

As we often say in these articles, company culture shouldn’t just be lip service. At Talon, they believe in their C4 principles — care, communicate, challenge, and celebrate — and in our collaboration with them, I saw all four in action. The relocation was a way for them to show their employees they cared. They communicated their goals for a new space to us and challenged us to achieve them. The new amenities they pursued were a way to celebrate their employees and everything the team had achieved.

“Our C4 principles aren’t just a decal on our walls. We live and breathe these principles every day. For employees, these principles translate into reveling in each other’s successes.”

Dan Reynolds, CEO, Talon

I can tell you from personal experience that this statement couldn’t be more true. Mr. Reynolds and the entire Talon leadership team are creating a company where every employee feels valued and empowered. No wonder they outgrew their old office and had their sights set on greater things.

For a more in depth look of what Talon’s employees say about their company, read what the Great Place to Work Institute had to say.

Talon: Ranked #11 on Fortune Magazine’s 50 Best Small Workplaces



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