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The Basics of Office Relocation: Part One – Why Move?

By Michael Staskiewicz | EVALUATE

Thinking about relocating your offices? This mammoth move, whether it’s local relocation within a corporate campus, from city to city, or across the country, can be a daunting task.

Office relocation isn’t a quick and easy process, and it requires a significant amount of planning and foresight before the physical move actually takes place. There are many factors to consider. An office move can be complex and complicated, but the best place to start is asking what it can do for your business.


The first question to consider about an office relocation is why you should move. What, specifically, led you to consider this tremendous undertaking? The decision to move, according to the National Federation of Independent Business, usually breaks down to one of three things: better economics, increased space efficiency, or access to skilled talent.

Once you’ve identified your reasons, it’s time to assess. Weigh your options to ensure the move is in your best interest. Once you decide to relocate, reach out for help.

Identifying all the details relating to the move will require advanced planning, experienced coordination, sequencing, and execution.

Be sure to keep your reason for moving in mind during the entire process.


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