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The Basics of Office Relocation: Part Six – Great Talent Seeks Great Location

By Michael Staskiewicz | ENGAGE

How important do you think the brick-and-mortar location of your company is to the people who work for you?

The location of your office is actually huge draw for talented candidates that are interested in joining your team.

As a result, landlords are enjoying low vacancy rates when they are in charge of buildings located near the convenience of public transportation — or where amenities are within easy walking distance.

Of course, these perks are extremely important to your potential team because they want their day-to-day lifestyle toimprove with their new job. And they’ll be looking for a workplace that can offer them an even better quality of life. Having your office in a prime location will attract even more of the best and brightest talent in your area and will help retain the employees who are already with you.

Candidates who are in high demand have many options when seeking new employment. If they are making a decision on where to work and it comes down to your company and a similar one that is in a better location — close to convenient services, easily accessible by public transportation, etc. — which do you think they’ll choose?

Location is a very alluring benefit, so your decision to relocate should take your employees’ needs into consideration as much as possible.

Once you’ve pinpointed the perfect location that will best suit your needs and attract great candidates to your company, it’s time to start shopping for the ideal office space in that area.

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