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The Basics of Office Relocation: Part Two – Office Space Planning

By Michael Staskiewicz | ENGAGE

An office move is the perfect time to make drastic changes to your office layout.

During relocation, everything gets churned up; it’s the nature of the beast. You may not be able to avoid commotion, but you can take advantage of the chaos. Use this opportunity to put the office back together exactly the way you want it with some forward-thinking office space planning.

How should you set things up?

Lately, experts have been paying more attention to office arrangement.

The traditional setup, consisting of cubicles and private offices, has become increasingly less popular over the past decade.

According to business resource “Officing Today,” business owners and corporate decision makers have begun embracing alternative workplace strategies, ones that can positively impact their companies. Do some research to find the best physical setup for your office or reach out to us to connect you with a great space planner.

The best time to explore these strategies is during the office space planning phase, well in advance of a physical move. Planning should be concluded prior to executing a new lease. It’s important to think ahead, as space planning is the precursor to a successful relocation because it helps outline roles and responsibilities for when the actual relocation takes place. It can also help you avoid costly and disruptive layout changes after your move.


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